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TaxClassNetwork.com is a non-profit network of free tax information intended on providing general information on federal tax laws. This site is not intended on providing any type of legal advise for specific individuals or for any purpose that is unethical or illegal. This website is updated frequently due to constant tax law changes. Information on this site changes with little or no warning in compliance with IRS updates and tax law changes . TaxClassNetwork.com is not associated with the IRS or any particular Tax Office or Tax Firm. Subject material is general and for private informational purposes. TaxClassNetwork.com does not endorse using the information on this site to prepare individual tax returns for individuals and for any type of profit without proper authority. Tax Preparers by law must be registered by the IRS, pass the appropriate education requirements and must have a PTIN (updated yearly) in order to legally prepare returns for others or for a profit. TaxClassNetwork.com takes no responsibilty for inaccurate or incomplete tax returns prepared by taxpayers or tax preparers using TaxClassNetwork.com.

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